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about us

Skokan klussenbedrijf has been providing complex construction services in the Netherlands for many years. During those years we have implemented over 50 major projects and many more smaller projects. Our customers are very content with the results and often we get new projects thanks to recommendations of our customers to their  neighbors, family & friends. We focus on private development and reconstruction of buildings. Our employees are experts in many fields; thanks to them we can provide expertise for a complex implementation of development projects.

We build and renovate multifunctional houses, flats, houses and their parts, garages, sheds, summerhouses.


 In the exterior we focus on weatherproofing and insulation of houses,overcladding, fencing and garden paving.


We provide machine plastering, coating, plasterboard fitting, cladding, tiling, trusses, window and door fitting, damp proofing, painting and other interior building tasks. We are very experienced for renovations of bathroom toilets and kitchens.
Also renewals of window frames and installation of double glass is one of our specialities 



We use high quality but affordable materials selected based on our own experience and supplied by renowned firms. We follow the trends in the market; therefore, we also often use available environment-friendly materials.

Why should you choose Skokan klussenbedrijf?

  • We organize the construction works in compliance with the investor’s requirements, meeting the agreed schedule.
  • We invest in our staff so that we have professionals at our disposal.
  • We boast a reliable vehicle fleet, building mechanization, long-term cooperation with contractors and partnership with building companies.
  • We will dispose of the rubble and construction waste so you can enjoy the finished clean work.


Material transport

Do you need to transport material (goods)? We provide transport of loads up to 1.5 tonnes using our Mercedes Sprinter. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone – we will be happy to help you.


Planning to refurbish or reconstruct? Looking for a reliable expert ?

Contact us and we will prepare an advice with price calculation free of charge.